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Emily Fiore

Hi and welcome to my art! My name is Emily Fiore and I am an artist based in Boston, MA.  Here you can see projects I've worked on and if you'd like, shop for originals and prints of my paintings. I like to paint mainly with acrylic and oil paint.  I prefer oil because it is very forgiving - I need to literally scrape my mistakes away sometimes (if only life was the same way). 


I graduated from Union College with a Bachelors in both Political Science and Visual Arts. After college I worked an office job where the people were nice but it sucked the soul out of me, so I now know that creating art is a must for me. I am also very interested in the conversations and the social impact that art has the power to create.

Lately I've needed to take a break to breathe after the dark blur of the past couple of years, so I've focused on bringing back a little brightness with my subjects - some small joys, vibrant colors, the ocean, and funky still lifes. Honing in on teeny sources of happiness and intimate moments make life feel a lot more full even when you're feeling empty. Spending time in nature truly is a serene joy in life and I love the ocean so very much.

On the flip side, my art is also shaped by the world happening now: social issues and heavier concepts. I strive to dive back into these more serious topics because I find that it is all intertwined - oppressive systems need to be amended and held accountable so everyone is able to take in these small moments and be immersed in the world around us. It’s a privilege to live where I live, have the ability to rest and the space to create - something everyone deserves as well. Everyone deserves joy, rest, and genuine peace of mind and self. I want to celebrate that whimsy and serenity with my art, as well as shine a little light on some of the darker realities we deal with. 

So if you have read all of this and wanna explore my artistic grappling with the world around me, have fun checking it out!

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