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Do You Sea What I Sea?

I live surrounded by the ocean, so naturally it is often the subject of my paintings. The North Shore coast of Massachusetts has a lot of interesting rock formations and little coves that I like to capture in my seascapes.

East Point Series

I made this series to auction off  in 2018 at the Nahant Preservation Trust Gala which was held in my hometown. The auction was to raise money in the town’s fight against Northeastern University who want to build a huge building on one of our parks. Nahant is only a 1 square mile peninsula so there really isn’t any room for a monstrous building, and we only have so many parks to go to. Not to mention there’s the destruction of the ecosystem up there and just the environmental impact. I’ve gone to the beach up there since I was a baby so I very much want the park to stay untouched.

Canoe Beach in Winter

2018, 12x16, oil on canvas

Top Of Lodge Park

2018, 12x16, oil on canvas

East of East Point

2018, 12x16, oil on canvas

King's Beach Series

Views of King's Beach along Lynn Shore Drive in Lynn and Swampscott, MA

Mission At Dusk

2020, 12x16, oil on canvas

springwharf 72dpi.jpg

Wharf in Spring

2022, 24x36, oil on canvas

Boston1 72dpi.jpg

Boston Skyline Study

2022, 8x10, acrylic on canvas

Boston Dusk72.jpg

Boston At Dusk

2022, 8x10, acrylic on canvas

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